Lithuanian Language and Awareness Course is specifically designed for people who wish to learn more about the Lithuanian culture and language. The course has been a great success and was previously delivered to the Boston Police as well as other local authorities.
You will learn about Lithuanian culture, cultural differences as well Lithuanian language basics. The course content and duration can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

If you or your organization wish to order the Lithuanian Language and Awareness Course, please get in touch with Jurate Matulioniene –


Jurate is currently the Chairperson of the Boston Lithuanian Community group and the Managing Director of the Boston English Academy and Boston Lithuanian Supplementary School which she established in 2011. Jurate is responsible for the overall running of the community group, coordinating projects and events, networking with other local community groups, Boston Borough Council, LT Embassy, private and public sectors. She aims to help people and inspire other volunteers to get involved. She has put together an excellent team of volunteers, encouraging their creativity, involving them in a wide range of socio-cultural and educational activities.